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Reclaimed Wood Flooring Installation and Finishing Video

This video shows the process of how to install and finish a Rustic Reclaimed Oak Floor. Read More

Engineered Flooring Installation Guide

The engineered flooring installation guide includes tools you’ll need, how to determine adequate subfloor requirements, step-by-step installation instructions, and more. Read More

Heart Pine wood flooring

Heartwood Flooring

Heartwood is the inner center of a hardwood tree. Read More

Defining Classic Wood Floors

This post examines reclaimed wood grain quality and also describes the differences in refined classic reclaimed floors  and rustic character floors. Read More

Reclaimed Character You Can Count On

Some call it rustic. We call it refined. Whatever we call it -- lots of folks are crazy for Reclaimed Character flooring. Read More

Reclaimed Flooring Character grade Natural Patina Oak Pantry

Using Reclaimed Wood Flooring in the Kitchen

A reclaimed wood kitchen island is a great way to bring a rustic and natural feel to a kitchen. Read More

Tips and Advice about Buying Antique Hardwood Flooring

"Need-to-know" Knowledge about Antique Hardwood Flooring that you get to consider to make a wise purchasing choice. Read More

Shopping prices for reclaimed wood flooring

The price of reclaimed wood flooring might scare people off at first. Read More

Finding the Best Hardwood Floors in NC

Distinctive grain patterns with rich natural colors and a non-toxic finish, make the best hardwood floors. and are dependably found in reclaimed wood flooring. Read More