Reclaimed wood is the wood that built America before steel skyscrapers and concrete jungles - lumber that served as the building block for American society, that was abundant and hardy and cheap. Reclaimed wood is a variety of trees with unique beauty that inspired great works of craftsmanship and which is now being taken back by those who recognize its historical aesthetic and durable qualities - and have set out to breathe new life into it.

We source our reclaimed wood from rustic barns on Carolina farms, Amish-built structures from the Midwest, multi-story factories and textile mills from the South and New England, and family estates from all over the country.

We sell directly to consumers as well as through builders, architects and designers.

Yes. All our products are manufactured in Henderson County, NC.

We guarantee that all products meet or exceed style and grade descriptions and we provide limited warranty on our reclaimed engineered products. Read Our Guarantee.

No, but we offer referrals, videos and phone support to answer questions. Check out our Installation Resources.

Pre-finishing is not available for floors at this time, but is available for beams, box beams, and mantels.

Though reclaimed wood is generally more stable than newly milled wood because it has been seasoned in most cases for over a century, kiln drying is necessary to ensure moisture levels are not too high and to kill any bugs that may have found a home in the timber. All our products have been kiln-dried and proper moisture content is confirmed prior to products leaving our facility. Also, to ensure best results, you can acclimatize products to their new environment for up to 1 week prior to installation.

Ordering, Shipping and Delivery

No reasonable order with sufficient lead time is too large or small.

Visa, MC and American Express are accepted, but Cash or Check is preferred so that we can maintain the most competitive pricing.

To guarantee pricing, a 60% deposit is required to initiate all orders. The balance is due at pickup, delivery or prior to you order being shipped.

Yes. We deliver within a 50 mile radius for a reasonable additional fee. It’s the responsibility of the Buyer to have at least two people available to help unload unless you have a forklift. Delivery charges do not include unloading unless previously arranged.

With your zip code we can supply you a reasonable estimate of shipping costs. We work with several reliable carriers to secure the most competitive rates and directly pass all freight discounts to you. Depending on the shipping date, prices are subject to change, and any increase will be passed on to the customer.

If an 18 wheeler cannot access the delivery location, let us know so that other arrangements can be made. Flooring will be shipped on pallets and will need to be unloaded quickly. If working by hand, pallet strapping can be cut and flooring will be in small bundles that can be easily carried by hand.

Please note that drivers are not responsible for unloading and two or more people may be required to meet the one-half hour limit to unload or additional charges will be incurred from the carrier and passed along to the customer.

Please allow 3 - 8 weeks and inquire if your schedule is tight. Specialized requests may take somewhat longer.

Yes, of course, if possible, along with expedited fees.

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