Reclaimed Character You Can Count On

Some call it rustic. We call it refined.

Whatever we call it - lots of folks are crazy for Reclaimed Character flooring.

Often described as “a grade,” Whole Log Lumber has developed it into a “Style”.

The purpose of this post is to describe the qualities of Carolina Character product Style of flooring

as well as how it differs from our Carolina Classic floor Style.

Good Character is hard to find

When sourcing wood for flooring, reclaimed flooring suppliers generally look for at least one or two things:

  • Good grain or
  • Good patina

The two qualities aren’t always found together.

Sourcing good patina for reclaimed floors isn’t the same as sourcing good grain for them.

The type of floor being created affects the raw reclaimed material required.

Good grain is considered “tight.”

Good patina is considered “natural patina” and refers to surface appearance and how well the exterior of a wood board surface has aged.

Not all wood surfaces age gracefully.

In addition to grain and patina, when we examine character traits we will necessarily include

wood traits that once were considered flaws, but now a badge of honor.

  • cracks
  • dents
  • nail and worm holes
  • discoloration by rust and mineral deposits

Some people call rustic wood or natural patina character "dirty top".

In other words – DISTRESSED.

Whatever didn’t destroy it in the past, has multiples today will make it special.

Natural patina perhaps foremost.

Character Grades tend to be Rustic

But too much of a “good thing” can sometimes be too much.

Too many cracks, too many dents,

Too many worms or too much wood that’s grey,

too little patina, too little grain

and your character suddenly becomes more like rustic or cabin grade.

Character Style Meets the Marlborough Man

Put emphasis on natural patina and equally distribute qualities of character distress and Voila!

A grade becomes a Style.

Artisan craftsman techniques embroidered on skip planning style,

transform wood from frightful to supple,

With smooth to touch natural patina, with slight glints of grain showing thru.

Extra pre-delivery sandings, make surface finishing easier later when you have it in place.

With oil you can touch and feel good about,

like creases you burnish on old saddles or boots.

Character Wood Floors compliment many Styles

Much like skirt lengths, character grade floors are appropriate and beautiful in any setting.

Reclaimed wood suppliers create their own classifications of them in their own grades or Styles.

Whole Log Reclaimed proudly shares with you here their Carolina Character Reclaimed Flooring

In describing the words " character" and "rustic," a challenge is how to use

both as adjectives for grades, and nouns for Styles.

But there it is and there’s the rub: There’s no over-riding standard for what character grade is.

Beauty is truly in the beholder's eyes, indeed.