Reclaimed Wood for Expressive Walls

Reclaimed wood walls in your spaces and places adds texture you can feel with your eyes…

Whole Log Reclaimed offers wood wall solutions for interior and exterior projects for both residential and commercial buildings. Reclaimed wood makes for the best decorative wall treatments available to define interiors in a way that wallpaper and paint never could and never will.

Beyond Paneling

The art of decorative wood walls has moved far beyond simple paneling. Whole Log Reclaimed real reclaimed wood wall options are very different from the cheap, fake wall paneling popular in the second half of the 20th century. Our planks and boards have been recovered and restored from buildings and structures built in the 1800s to early 1900s, and were likely growing 100+ years even before that.

We restored my husband's home place and discovered the original pine floors and beadboard walls and ceilings. We needed to replace damaged areas and add some reclaimed flooring and beadboard where new walls were added so we went to Whole Log to see if they could help. Whole Log had what we needed and they were easy to work with. Their beadboard had just enough old color on it to be interesting so we simply added a clear coat on it and installed it in the laundry room. It is one of the favorite rooms in the house when people come see it. The old pine flooring matched ours with plenty of character showing.

Judy Stone

Wood Wall Details

  • Available old growth wood species - Heart Pine, Oak and Mixed Hardwoods (Other specific hardwoods besides oak are available when in stock)
  • Rustic and distressed - with character marks and distinctions
  • Smoothly refined - with great old grains that have long been concealed

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Finishing Oils

We recommend natural oil finishes that maintain healthy and natural reclaimed wood quality.

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