• Rustic Reclaimed Wood – Custom Crafted in NC Since 1984

    reclaimed heart pine floor in henderson county, nc
  • Carolina Classic Mixed Hardwood Floor, Polyurethane Finish

    mixed hardwood reclaimed floor
  • Hand Hewn Beams & Interior Furnishings

    hand hewn rustic beams
  • Carolina Character Mixed Hardwoods,
    Castle Grey Oil Finish

    reclaimed hardwood floor in hickory, nc
  • Carolina Character Wood Floors
    Circle Sawn Georgia Pine

    circle sawn pine floors in lake toxaway, nc
  • Carolina Character Wood Floors
    Custom Color Oil Finish, Oak

    character wood floors finished with castle grey oil
  • Classic Heart Pine Cabin-grade Floor and Pecky Cypress Ceiling

    pecky cypress ceiling and heart pine floors
  • Carolina Character Wood Floors, Natural Wood Oil Finish

    rustic wood floor
  • Custom Crafted in NC Since 1984

    hand hewn beams

Rustic Reclaimed Wood for Fine Interiors

We’ve supported the visions of architects, builders, designers & homeowners
and helped create refined rustic reclaimed wood products Since 1984 

We’re proud of each product we’ve created with careful attention to material selection that satisfies customer preferences or either Rustic or Refined.

Along the way we’ve set standards in 30 years that have become benchmarks for reclaimed wood quality industry-wide.  And we’ve developed hand-crafted effects that complement our signature classic and character wood style grades.

Value ♦ Quality ♦ Experience

“Character you can count on”

How We Define A Classic

By highlighting the finer points of wood grain, which every wood geek & connoisseur will appreciate.

The stand out features of our Classics  focus on species preferences and grain patterns.  Finely planed mantels, paneling and beams are sawn with the grain or against it to reveal remarkable hidden beauty, and provide the foundation for a classic wood floor to really shine!

Look around, get to know us.  Reclaimed wood fine interiors are our specialty. You can count on it!

Carolina Character You Can Count On

Reliable product descriptions & predictable reclaimed wood quality are features you can count on
Plus+ total satisfaction in our materials and our Guarantee.

Carolina Character reclaimed floors blend the right amount of  natural patina with the right amount of grain that look both rustic and refined, every time.  Character Fireplace mantels, hand hewn beams rehabs stress and graceful age marks.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Interiors

Let the Beauty we Love be what we do… there are hundreds of ways to kneel & kiss the ground. Rumi