Accent Walls

Reclaimed Wood Accent Walls Transform Home Interiors

Reclaimed wood accent walls make a statement and add unique, rustic distinction to residential or commercial interiors of all sizes. Accent walls create spatial depth and add visual character through the eye catching nuance of reclaimed wood patterns.

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Engineered reclaimed wood tile in star pattern.

Transform Spaces

  • Bedrooms - Wood accent walls can be installed partially to create a rustic headboard or fill an entire wall to create contrast.
  • Living Rooms - Living rooms or family rooms get some of the most traffic in any home, so adding accent walls can add some much needed atmosphere or update the overall aesthetic and feel of the space.
  • Kitchens - Kitchen accent walls are for creatives and bold designers. There are many options for where to utilize wood accent walls, from backsplashes to islands.
  • Bathrooms - Bathroom accent walls may require extra consideration because of moisture. We offer a WOCA oil surface finish that penetrates porous wood surfaces and offers some moisture protection. It can be easily refreshed as needed.
  • Office spaces - More and more people are working from home. It’s time to upgrade your office space with modern reclaimed wood accent walls that will add visual appeal and, no doubt, productivity.
Staining chevron reclaimed wood for accent wall.

Whole Log is in a league of its own. There is nowhere I've found that offers the selection and reasonable pricing they do. Better yet, the service that simplifies the lumber selection is without peer. Tremendous products, pricing and service all put your reclaimed wood project on the road to incredible outcomes!

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Accent Walls from Whole Log Reclaimed

Depending on the accent wall style and location you’re interested in, our reclaimed wood accent walls may be delivered as individual planks or boards, or wood wall panels or tiles.

Accent wall choices include, but are not limited to:

  • Either horizontal or vertical accent wall orientation
  • Rustic multi-colored beadboard wood walls
  • 3D wood block tiles
  • Geometric and herringbone wall panels

Accent wall finishes can include non-toxic, VOC-free plant-based wood oil that creates a low luster finish.

Get Started

Our team of woodworking professionals is happy to help you determine which reclaimed wood style and texture is right for your space and accent wall. We work with homeowners, home builders, designers, and architects, to ensure each accent wall project results in the desired aesthetic and quality.

While we do not offer installation, our team has over 30 years of experience and can coordinate with and support proper installation, as well as advice on installation costs.

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