Classic Hardwood Floors - Refined Carolina Classic Smooth Style

To create the refined look of Carolina Classic Wood Flooring, old wood boards and timbers are sliced and planed and lusty old-growth wood grains emerge. Smooth-planed and distinctive, they reveal the mystery within the wood.

The hallmarks of these classic hardwood floors are intricate grain patterns and naturally rich color tones that are a great complement to smooth lustrous surfaces. If you’re looking for a beautiful wood floor that’s more refined than rustic, Carolina Classic smooth planed floors are the choice for you. These floors bring warmth and integrity to any space through the repurposing of historic and well seasoned reclaimed wood.


Classic Heart Pine floor in Flack Rock North Carolina home.
Carolina Classic style old wood flooring examples.

Thank you! I am so excited about this beautiful floor!!! It looks so much better than I imagined.

David W., Naples, FL

Classic Wood Flooring Options

Carolina Classic wood floors are a more refined option than our Character floors. 

Antique Heart Pine, available in 3 grades, offers a rich, warm aesthetic and can have minimal irregularities depending on the grade, while Oak and Mixed Hardwoods will retain the typical qualities of reclaimed wood such as nail holes, non-structural cracks, and dense grain, even when planed smooth.

Everyone who enters our home remarks on the beautiful floors. Whole Log also created a built-in bookshelf and trim. All are gorgeous and truly unique. They were knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, and it was so easy to work with them. The choices of wood are impressive, and the staff is eager to educate its customers on the qualities of various wood types. We highly recommend Whole Log!

Terre B.,Carthage, NC

Need help with installation?

While Whole Log Reclaimed does not offer direct installation services, we’re happy to provide resources and support to homeowners and builders to ensure proper installation.

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