Terms & Conditions

To insure complete customer satisfaction, please read the following terms and conditions before purchasing a Whole Log Reclaimed product. If you have any questions about our terms, please contact us, or discuss with your salesperson.


Our goal in each sale is to represent products as accurately as possible while reminding Customers that character marks, non-structural cracks, small to medium holes and irregular coloration are customary to the unique appeal of reclaimed wood, and to be expected unless CLEAR is specifically noted in the sales description and pricing.

Beams and mantels may have bolt holes or mortise pockets. Many customers choose to keep these voids open, but we can patch these for a fee if desired.

To minimize waste and offer the most reasonable cost for flooring and wall cladding, random widths and lengths are suggested, with tallies per size, but no specific percentages (%) in provided widths unless specified and charged for on invoice.

Unless otherwise specified, customers can count on WLR to provide that all flooring is sold in usable square footage, requiring little or no defecting. Even though our flooring has all usable square footage, there is usually a 7% loss factor for cutting the pieces to fit in your specific space.


If you would like us to send you custom samples, we require a sample deposit, generally $50 per shipment. We require payment for samples before shipping. If you go ahead with your flooring order we will discount your order by the amount paid for samples unless you requested numerous iterations of samples or samples took excessive amounts of time. We will inform you when sample fees are non refundable.

If you decide to not make an order with us, you can return the samples and we will issue a refund in the form of a check, unless you were informed beforehand that it was a non refundable sample.


A 60% Deposit is required to initiate an order. For orders that are shipped, the balance of payment is due prior to shipping or upon local delivery.


Once an order is put into our production schedule, change charges may be added if deemed appropriate. Should an order be cancelled by Buyer when shipment is imminent, forfeiture of Buyer Deposit may result.


Shipping quotes are approximate and based on information Customer provides about the delivery. If that changes, there may be Additional Charges incurred that the Customer is responsible for, even if prior full payment and delivery has been made.

To Avoid Additional Shipping Charges from Shippers, Please Make Note of the Following:

  • Common Carrier shippers allow 30 minutes ONLY for unloading and there may be Additional Charges if it takes longer to unload.
  • If the destination is a construction site and incurs delays after 30 minutes there will be Additional Charges.
  • If a destination requires extra entrance access or facilitation not initially requested, there will be Additional Charges.
  • It may be 2 weeks post delivery when you are notified of Additional Charges. We strive to inform the Customer as soon after as we are informed.


Our Deliveries do not include unloading. Please have at least 2 people available to unload your materials unless you have a forklift onsite. We allow for our driver to be on your site 30 minutes like a Common Carrier. If additional help is needed, our driver can help unload but will not lift unreasonable amounts by themselves or carry material long distances or up or down stairs.

Damages and Discrepancies

For Whole Log Reclaimed to indemnify any damages, defects or material discrepancies, it is the responsibility of the customer or the customer's agent, to count, inspect and examine all materials upon receipt and advise Whole Log of any issues immediately.

Should there be any shipping damages, even to just the packaging, this should be noted on the BOL signed for the shipper, and representative photos taken immediately .

When booking a shipment with a 3rd party, we select insurance provided by that shipper to protect our customers from damages and losses by carriers, but this insurance MAY NOT cover all losses.

Booking 3rd party shipping is a service we provide to our customers. Whole Log Reclaimed is not responsible for any damages or loss caused by 3rd party shippers.

Pick Up

If picking up from our location, your vehicle should accommodate the material picked up and customers should provide their own straps and tie downs. Tarps may be helpful in case of bad weather. Most of our material up to 10’ in length is wrapped in plastic stretch film. If you specifically do want your order stretch wrapped, please notify us before your arrival. Our wrapping may not protect your material fully from moderate to severe rain and weather conditions.

Installation Notes

Your product has been kiln dried unless otherwise noted, but moisture levels may rise depending on ambient humidity while the material is being worked after kilning.

It is recommended to allow flooring to acclimate until subfloor and floor are within 2% difference in moisture content. This generally takes 1 week to 10 days.

When there's a problem with a floor, it usually has something to do with installation.

For random width flooring orders, please consider potential width pattern differences prior to beginning installation, then proceed accordingly. We strive to provide tally quantities of boards and planks and sizes, if other than a single width .


Returns are subject to our sole discretion and there may be a restocking charge.

Returned checks

Returned checks carry an additional $50 charge.