Shopping prices for reclaimed wood flooring

The price of reclaimed wood flooring might scare people off at first. But there are cost benefits that outweigh what might seem to be a burden. And reasons the prices are as they are. Read on for more information ...

What affects reclaimed wood flooring prices anyway?

As with everything, there are relative comparisons. If you compare reclaimed prices head-to-head with new wood floors, you'll be looking at organic apples vs. conventional oranges.

On the other hand, if you're interested in practicing environmental stewardship, you could evaluate organic reclaimed wood with sustainable newer wood,

and find that reclaimed flooring prices would be comparable. While FSC certified wood floor is better for the environment and sustainable harvested, its overall beauty, like other newer woods, will fall short compared to reclaimed.

Reclaim wood will always demand generally higher prices because of the time and effort to reprocess it.

But at Whole Log Reclaimed there's no extra cost for the hand-selected quality we provide.

Once reclaimed and installed as a newly created product, these floors will be lovely and easy to maintain for many years to come, and will increase as value-added as well.

Are special prices or discounts available?

By its nature, reclaimed wood for flooring is unpredictable.

First of all, ultimate yield amounts can be hard to calculate when reprocessing, since waste factors can approach 50%. Often a good percentage of floor boards will turn out narrower than widths & grades we're processing for. Those boards go into our Bargains and Closeouts and are ideally posted online.

And often we have unusual orders that don't fit into standard products offered. Here again, we may have over runs available for special purchase, since we've needed to produce greater quantities to make assure accurate amounts have been available after " defecting. "

For bargain shoppers looking for a unique one-of-a-kind floor, these reclaimed products at special prices, represent great deals.

Here's what a recent customer had to say about (3) separate purchases he made from our Specials inventory:

WOW !! The quality of the wood, the friendly, personal service and the attention to detail are unsurpassed. We had a Carolina Character Oak floor installed in our Master Bedroom in May 2016 - we bought the house in April. Jim said the wood came from an 85 year old barn in eastern Tennessee. The finished floor with the WOCA oil treatment turned out even better than we expected. Our contractor was amazed and took pictures to show his other clients. Our family and friends gasp when we take them on a tour of our new home and show them our master bedroom suite. We used the left over wood to create a wall accent piece. Thank you Whole Log Reclaimed. I'm referring you to neighbors and friends.

Todd H.

Asheville, NC