Reclaimed Engineered Flooring, Artisan Handcrafted

Choose your Style>< Choose your Species Great for radiant heat & glue-down over concrete installations
A generous ¼” long-lasting wear-layer assures durability & multiple sandings.

The Case for Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Installing engineered floors over concrete slabs can save you thousands of dollars. It can be a real cost saver when planned for in new construction.
  • Engineered wood is perfect over radiant heat floor systems.  It’s layered construction makes it extrememely stable.
  • Great for basements, kitchens and bathrooms – or wherever moisture can pose a problem.
  • Nothing unusual about the way it looks, but with great benefits!

The ability to install an engineered floor on top of  a concrete slab, eliminates the need for the additional expense of a wood sub-floor.

While Solid wood constructed floors have a tendency to swell and shrink depending on temperatures and humidity, an engineered floor will remain stable and installation tight.  No loose fitting

With full ¼” top wear-layers they’re glued to 9-ply baltic birch core platforms with waterproof environmentally friendly adhesives that insures excellent stability even in environments with fluctuating moisture content. They can be surface finished in place, or purchased pre-finished in quantities over 1000 sft.

And if you did, why you might want it reclaimed …

Reclaimed engineered floors are created with the same  wood faces with our solid wood floors.

Engineered Flooring SpecificationsSolid Flooring Specifications
width and length to specs

1/4″ full wear layer
3/4″ thickness – standard
plank lengths 18″ – 8′

qualifies for LEED credits
low minimum custom quantities
eco-friendly adhesives
random widths 3/4/5″- standard
custom plank widths available

3/4″ thickness –  standard
plank lengths 18″ to 8′

qualifies for LEED credits