Time & Distress Marks creates Character – Not Flaws

In Rustic Character Flooring available
In 3 Popular Reclaimed Wood Species

Available in Solid or Engineered Construction

Carolina Character

Carolina Character

Have it your way: more rustic and rugged or more burnished and refined?  In creating Carolina Character floors the amount of skip planing and sanding ultimately determines how much grain is revealed and how much natural patina remains.  It’s a delicate process.   How much to keep, how much to take away…

 Once installed, your floor can be sanded in place to achieve the surface finish  you envision.

  • Carolina Character rustic floors are distinguished by their time worn surfaces marked with age & imperfection
  • Random nail holes, knots & non-structural checks and cracks are inspected by expert craftsmen to insure customers  only good, usable square footage.
  • Handcrafted artisan techniques combine a mix of delicately skip planed grain texture along with original patina saw marks
  • Rustic & Refined  character you can count on