Reclaimed Flooring Character You Can Count On

Carolina Character Reclaimed Wood Flooring Offers Unique Stories and Appeal

What makes reclaimed wood so appealing? Character. Just as your favorite book heroine had trials and tribulations to develop character, so too has this reclaimed wood. This wood has been through a lot to get to you. Reclaimed wood has a story – it has character. Whole Log Lumber has character too… Carolina Character to be exact! The story of your reclaimed Carolina Character wood flooring starts centuries ago. Perhaps the wood was a beam in a factory or a joist in a warehouse roof. It could have been siding on a turn of the century barn or an old hand-hewn beam from a centuries old home. All of our reclaimed wood has had a long and storied past. When we can, we will share that with you.

The character of this reclaimed wood flooring doesn’t end there. The character continues with the extraordinarily unique and beautiful woods that are unlike anything available today. Each timber is hand-selected and then transformed into a Carolina Character wood floor with unparalleled beauty… and character. The level of character varies by species. In chestnut, there are irregularities and worminess, along with nail holes and knots. Heart pine and antique oak usually have a defining grain pattern, as well as nail holes and knots.

A Product with Character

Carolina Character reclaimed wood flooring is distinguished by its gently distressed age marks. Carolina Character flooring features darker graining, worm holes, knots and other natural variation. The floors are a first quality product, with a visually rustic appeal. Handcrafted from rustic beams and boards, these outer patina skins of finely aged wood are burnished and delicately skip-planed to a nearly flat surface, to be sanded to a desired grain contrast and depth after installation. Typically offered in heart pine, oak or a hardwood mix, standard floor boards are ¾” thick and 3 inches to 5 inches in width. Standard board lengths are 2 feet to 8 feet. Custom single-width, wide plank widths and longer length flooring boards are all available by request and based on availability.