Mantels FAQ

Reclaimed mantels are very popular because of the way they look, but they’re mainly very functional because they aren’t likely to shrink or warp because of high heat exposure, and since they’ve seasoned for many years they are very stable.

In some cases they may be heavier than a new wood mantel, depending on the wood species, but they’re hung just as any mantel would be. We can suggest tips for best results.

No, they’re each unique in size and can be customized to the length, width and depth you desire, though of course there are limitations based on the timber you start with.

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all, it depends on personal preference. Popular styles include hand hewn, and Live Edge types, but there are a variety of forms and surface appearances available. Usually, we can closely replicate from images you provide or find on our website. We do offer mantels that are Ready to Go, which also can be modified to fit your application.