Box Beam FAQ

- When installation could be difficult because of weight, height or manpower

- When you need a specific size or length that isn’t easily sourced

- When you have a number of beams that need to be somewhat similar

Installation is quite simple for the moderately skilled craftsman. Installation is probably the biggest pain point solved by beam wraps. They’re shipped or delivered flat, but since the edges are mitered, you’ll find they fit together easily during installation.

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No. You don’t want box beams already set up in a box shape as it’s impossible to fit properly that way. And you seldom need all 4 sides. Sometimes you will only need two sides and sometimes three. Our experienced Sales Staff can advise you best.

No. As a custom cut is necessary to fit into a specific space, we always allow for a few extra inches so that the moderately skilled craftsman can cut for the perfect fit.

No. Engineered boards are light but strong and easy to move around a job site, including long lengths. The engineered beam skin is adhered to (2) layers of ¼” Baltic birch with staggered seams for added strength.

Hand hewn box beams are heavier and more delicate than our engineered product, but usually half the weight of a solid timber.