Flooring FAQ

Random width flooring minimizes waste and gets the highest use from every board. That’s important when you’re using a diminishing natural resource, but it does require planning before installation to anticipate width pattern differences. Our general mix is 3”/4”/5”/6” boards, but we can generally produce up to 8” wide boards if desired and wider depending upon availability. Specific widths can be supplied but are more expensive as they create more waste to produce.

When you receive standard random 3”-6” (or wider) width flooring it will be in random lengths also and will NOT be in equal linear footage by width (unless requested for a fee). A skilled installer will generally know how to manage this and develop a pattern based on what is received. We provide a tally of sizes and quantities of planks that were produced for your specific order so your installer can figure out a pattern.

Floor textures are available in two surfaces:

Carolina Character - which is more rustic and distressed with skip planed 100-year-old antique patina, nail holes, knots, and small, non-structural cracks.

Carolina Classic - which is smooth planed and highlights fine antique grain patterns while still preserving the characteristics of reclaimed lumber such as nail holes, knots, and small, non-structural cracks.

We are a distributor of WOCA finishing oils for floor finishing. We highly recommend using these plant-based wood oils, available in a variety of colors. These user-friendly, VOC free oils are easily applied and easy to maintain. We can advise on other product choices, according to your preference.

Compare pros and cons of the different types of finishing products.

No. We suggest that the best floors are finished in-place with the surface finishing product of your choice. This will be a familiar process to an experienced installer or contractor.

We provide advice as well as videos on oiling wood floors. We’re also happy to answer questions your builder or installer may have if they have not used WOCA oil before. WOCA is a penetrating, hardening oil that has simple application processes, is user friendly and VOC-free. We can recommend installers that are well experienced with installing and finishing our floors if your project is in the Western North Carolina or Upstate South Carolina areas.

Wood oiled floor finishes are durable, easy to maintain, and good for the health of the wood – and you! Oiled wood floors don’t show scratches like polyurethane and other film finishes. Film finishes sit on top of the wood and often look very glossy. WOCA oil penetrates deep into the wood and leaves a nice matte to satin sheen. When oiled floors do get scratched or dull, it’s easy to apply oil and blend the scratch away. It’s also great for pet owners! Maintenance is simple with an oiled soap that can be used as desired to keep an oil finish fresh.

Solid flooring is end-matched upon request though all engineered floorboards are end-matched as part of manufacturing. As opposed to new solid wood floors, reclaimed wood floors are well seasoned and stable, therefore end-matching is not required for most installations.

All our flooring is sold in usable square footage, defected and square cut, ready to install. However, we do recommend ordering 7% more than the finished square footage that you need in order to allow for lengths to be cut to fit to your specific location.

We recommend you allow flooring to acclimate for 7-10 days, or until your new floor and subfloor are within 2 degrees of one another in moisture content. While wood is acclimating, be sure it’s stacked so air can circulate around it.

When there are problems with a floor, it usually has something to do with the moisture content at installation.

Carolina Classic (smooth planed) floors install just the same as new wood floors. If you are purchasing a Carolina Classic Heart Pine floor, sanding may be a little different as this (very) resinous wood can quickly clog sandpaper.

For Carolina Character (distressed and antique patinated) floors, sanding and finishing may be a little different, so use a flooring contractor familiar with reclaimed or who does some prior research before beginning. We are always here to answer questions and have a Carolina Character flooring install and finishing video.