Character Mixed Hardwoods

“Need-to-know” Antique Hardwood Flooring Knowledge …

That you get to consider to make a wise consumer choice.

You likely know antique hardwood floors top the reclaimed floor pyramid.
They’re natural, earth-friendly, and stunning.  Since they’ve continued to age for 100 years+ (since first cut),
their gorgeous surface patinas have deepened.

What may have once been considered flaws have likely evolved into character marks with depth and color unlike younger reclaimed wood products.

Be Aware and Know Your Wood

There is a difference between reclaimed wood and antique hardwood flooring.

If quality is in your sights and your considering an investment in reclaimed or antique wood flooring, be certain it’s sourced from a knowledgeable, reliable supplier.

Reclaimed flooring may come from an older structure but that doesn’t mean it’s antique.
To be truly antique, wood must be deconstructed from old homes, barns, and buildings built approximately before 1900.
This means it indicate it originally cut from large beams and timbers from old species wood.
Verify with your supplier the source where your wood has come from to ensure you make a wise investment.
Work with a reclaimed wood team that has experience, a reputation for great customer service, and provides clear, transparent communication and documentation. That would be us !

Why is Heart Pine the Most Popular Antique Hardwood Flooring ?

Antique hardwood flooring made with heart pine is a very popular reclaimed wood to work with because of
the range of its visual appearances
the sheer quantity of it once available,
and it’s place in America’s history.
and it’s  guaranteed to be strong and durable.

What’s the most important difference between “antique heart pine” and simply “heart pine” you may ask?

The answer has to do with it’s aging process before harvest and the “dna” of the species.

True antique hardwood flooring made of heart pine is identified as Pinus Palustris, one of three long leaf, southern yellow pines.
Younger versions of this pinus variety grow today, but it takes many many years for heartwood to attain it’s reputational quality.
The heart pine that gets talked about was of trees that were part of the 300 to 500 year old growth forest.
Most of those had been clear-cut by 1900 by turn-of-the-century builders.

Heartwood inside these particular giant timbers IS dense and a deep red amber color.
Heartwood from Heart Pine  is found extensively in historically preserved locations.

Great Customer Service Is Guaranteed

Purchasing antique hardwood flooring from Whole Log Lumber, insures you a commitment to eco-friendly products as well as great customer service and enduring relationships.

We work alongside architects, home builders, interior designers and industry professionals to make sure customers get the best products and customer service from start to finish and our antique hardwood flooring helps accumulate LEED and ENERGY STAR points. Featuring Heart Pine, Oak and Mixed Hardwood products, unadvertised additional species are often available or by special order. Standard board widths are necessarily random for highest yields in widths of 3″ to 5″,  with single widths up to 7″ or 11″ by special order.  Providing maller sizes like 3/4 X 2-1/2″ or 3/4 X 2-3/8″ for remodels and  in-place matching is part of our custom service, and length options range from 2 to 11 feet. We invite you to contact us  for more information about how our wood products can align with your work projects!