Using Reclaimed Wood in the Kitchen

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Using reclaimed wood in the kitchen is a great way to show your good taste! It can be used to create a beautiful centerpiece like a reclaimed wood kitchen island, be used for unique reclaimed wood open shelving or applied to create a feature wall of reclaimed wood paneling. Whether reclaimed wood is applied in a rustic style, like Carolina Character or whether a smoother finish is sought after, such as Carolina Classic, the characteristics of reclaimed wood make them great choices in the kitchen.

antique heart pine, vertical grain heart pine, heart pine countertops

Antique Heart Pine, vertical grain island kitchen countertops

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

A reclaimed wood kitchen island is a great idea to bring a rustic and natural feel to a kitchen. Reclaimed wood kitchen islands lend themselves to a wide variety of styles and designs, from rustic to contemporary. Adding a reclaimed wood kitchen island to rustic kitchen can add a cozy, warm feel. Including a reclaimed wood kitchen island into a contemporary kitchen space infuses an eclectic flavor into a modern space. You can create a reclaimed wood kitchen island that highlights its rustic features and use the reclaimed wood in the cabinetry or you can us it to feature a  wood top or reclaimed wood butcher block. It’s a great way to add a statement piece into your kitchen design that will also be extraordinarily functional.

Natural Patina Oak Mantel Shelves

Reclaimed, natural patina, oak slab, live edge kitchen shelves

Reclaimed Antique Wood Shelving

Open shelving  is another way to integrate reclaimed wood into a kitchen design. The shelving can be a stand-alone section away from cabinetry or can be used and open shelving to compliment the cabinetry. This is a unique design option that can be used with a wide array of design styles.

Antique Maple, Reclaimed Distressed Maple, Old Maple

Rustic Reclaimed Textile Maple Backsplash

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Paneling

Creating a feature wall of reclaimed wood paneling is a popular trend and one that adds architectural interest to your living space. Often, one wall in the kitchen can be used to create this visually interesting feature by choosing a unique reclaimed wood product and using it for the entire wall. Because of the tight growth rings of reclaimed woods, it is also an option as a kitchen backsplash when treated properly. And if you just really, really like reclaimed wood and can’t get enough of it in your kitchen, well, you can always add a beautiful reclaimed wood floor to your kitchen, like these.