antique oak flooring, old oak floors, reclaimed oak wood flooring

Using reclaimed wood in the kitchen is a great way show your good taste!

  • With antique live edge open shelving
  • A reclaimed wood kitchen island that becomes a great centerpiece
  • Or an accent wall that highlights great reclaimed wood paneling


antique heart pine, vertical grain heart pine, heart pine countertops

Antique Heart Pine, vertical grain island kitchen countertops

Reclaimed Wood on a Kitchen Island

A reclaimed wood kitchen island is a great way to bring a rustic and natural feel to a kitchen.

Reclaimed wood kitchen islands lend themselves to a wide variety of styles and designs, from rustic to contemporary.

Into a rustic design reclaim wood adds authenticity.
Into a modern space an eclectic flavor.
Using reclaimed wood in a kitchen always makes a statement.



Natural Patina Oak Mantel Shelves

Reclaimed, natural patina, oak slab, live edge kitchen shelves


Reclaimed Antique Wood Shelving

Open shelving  is another way to integrate reclaimed wood into a kitchen design. The shelving can be a stand-alone section away from cabinetry or can be used and open shelving to compliment the cabinetry. This is a unique design option that can be used with a wide array of design styles.




Antique Maple, Reclaimed Distressed Maple, Old Maple

Rustic Reclaimed Textile Maple Backsplash

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Paneling

Creating a feature wall of reclaimed wood paneling  adds architectural interest to your living space.

Often, one wall in the kitchen can be used to create this visually interesting feature by choosing a unique reclaimed wood product and using it for the entire wall.