Heart Pine is the Queen of Reclaimed Wood Flooring.

It’s legendary strength was the framework that sailed 1000 ships.
Choose from 4 Classic Grades defined by heartwood content and grain density.

Heart Pine Vertical Grain flooring has long been cherished as one of the most stable of old growth woods. Noted for its deep amber color and tight straight grain lines, it’s sawn perpendicular to the growth rings to acheive this special effect and produce one of the hardest of wear surfaces with few knots. Sometimes called quarter-sawn, the edges of the face board have vertical lines and heart content above 90%.

Heart Pine Plain Sawn flooring is noted for it’s graceful arching, cathedral grain patterns.  Also called flat sawn and cut parallel to the growth rings , the end of the face board shows distinguishable horizontal lines.  This dependable old growth flooring style grade provides heart content of 90% or better, and a beautiful wood floor that grows richer and darker with each year. May have small tight knots, maybe a few small nail holes.

With less heart content and more surface imperfections, flooring that doesn’t make prime grade standards is included in our Heart Pine Cabin Grade floors.  Still outstanding and yet economical,  some boards have high heart content but splits or cracks which  knocks down its grade, though it’s still very usable.  Along with the characteristic amber heartwood, expect blonde and minimal grey coloration, and possible nail holes and large knots.

Our lively Rustic Nailey Heart Pine floor looks similar to wormy chestnut in appearance and contains no less than 80% heart content. There will be knots and nail holes present which will range in size from 1/16″ to 1/4″. It’s a unique wood floor and is subject to availability.

Why Heart Pine is Special

Heart pine flooring is prized for it’s rich, natural colors and gorgeous, unique grain patterns.
With hardness similar to Oak, and once used to build sailing ships and textile mills, it’s salvaged from old buildings and barns and given a new career when it becomes reclaimed flooring.

  • It greatly increases the value of your home
  • It’s stable, durable and easy to maintain
  • It’s rich color like no other wood in existence
  • It gets more beautiful with age
  • It’s a virgin heartwood which is now essentially extinct
  • It’s an environmentally green building material because no living trees have been cut down

Heart pine was one of the most valuable building materials in the 19th century and continues to be.

By the 1920s, every tree considered virgin-growth Longleaf pine had been logged. Since true old growth trees may have ring patterns that date 300- 500 years, younger generations of trees growing today will never possess  the quality of antique heart pine.