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How Do You Define A Classic Wood Floor

The purpose of this post is to describe how refined classic reclaimed floors differ from more rustic character reclaimed.If you're considering  antique white oak or antique heart pine, you likely already know it comes with a premium. …
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Reclaimed Flooring Character You Can Count On

There's lots of interest in reclaimed character flooring. While some floor manufacturers describe it as “a grade,”  Whole Log Lumber has developed it into a “Style”.The purpose of this post is to describe the qualities of Carolina…
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Using Reclaimed Wood in the Kitchen

Using reclaimed wood in the kitchen is a great way show your good taste!With antique live edge open shelving A reclaimed wood kitchen island that becomes a great centerpiece Or an accent wall that highlights great reclaimed wood…
Character Mixed Hardwoods

Antique Hardwood Flooring

"Need-to-know" Antique Hardwood Flooring Knowledge ... That you get to consider to make a wise consumer choice.You likely know antique hardwood floors top the reclaimed floor pyramid. They're natural, earth-friendly, and stunning.  Since…
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Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantels

Wood Fireplace Mantels take a lot of Heat! When it's time to snuggle and be cozy, there's no better place to be than before a blazing fireplace.And if you're like me, you'll also get that fire going when you wake up in the morning or come…
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Healthy home flooring by Whole Log Lumber gets noticed

Our project is one of only two U.S. installations featured—the other being the 42,000 sq.ft. headquarters of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle! It’s quite an honor to have our flooring recognized alongside notable projects from all over the world.

If Every Day Was Earth Day ...

We work with antique reclaimed hardwood flooring everyday. It's a privilege. If every day was Earth Day, we'd see it more as art boards rather than products.
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Shopping reclaimed wood flooring prices?

The price of reclaimed wood flooring might scare  people off at first.But those in-the-know will tell you that old growth white oakand heart pine vertical grain are maybe  the best wood floors on the planet. These two floors species are…
Carolina Classic Cabin Grade Wood Flooring by Whole Log Lumber

Finding The Best Hardwood Floors - Whole Log Lumber

Distinctive grain patterns with rich natural colors and a non-toxic finish, make the best hardwood floors. and are dependably found in reclaimed wood flooring.

Repurposing Reclaimed Wood from an old door

We received a question from Buzz G. on Facebook regarding how to take apart an old door to repurpose the reclaimed wood. Below is his question along with our answer. Question: I have an old door, pine I think; VERY heavy. 7 feet high, 54.5…