Installing Your Reclaimed Wood Flooring 

If you’re in Asheville, the Carolinas, or anywhere else nationwide,  we can help guide you thru the installation process, as well as surface finishing.

At Whole Log Lumber, we offer one-of-a-kind flooring, as well as one-on-one customer service in all facets of your purchase.

So you may ask, Is it really important to hire an installation specialist to install your reclaimed wood flooring?

We think so, and here’s why. 

The Process

Reclaimed wood flooring installation in Asheville involves several steps and a variety of tools. Each of these steps is critical to ensure the longevity, durability, and aesthetic quality of your floors.

  • Acclimation: Acclimating is when you allow the wood time to adjust its moisture content to the space in which it will be installed. A failure to allot time for this process could result in warping, splitting and gaps. The amount of time your wood will need to acclimate is dependent on the initial moisture content of the wood, as well as that of the subfloor. You will know your flooring is acclimatized properly when the wood subfloor and the flooring are within 1%-2% difference in moisture content.
  • Subfloor Prep: A properly prepared subfloor should be dry, level, structurally sound, and clean. This will help ensure a smooth installation process, and the longevity of your floors. The constitution of your subfloor (concrete, wood, etc.) will determine the level of expertise needed to prepare it for installation. If gluing down our engineered floor to a concrete subfloor, ensure the surface is smooth, flat, and unsealed. If it is not, scuffing or grinding may be necessary.
  • Laying the Wood: The first boards placed during installation set the tone for the rest of the process. Careful and even placement is critical to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Finishing: How you finish the flooring is up to you and your preferences. Depending on your specific tastes, as well as different household factors, (children, pets, etc.) you may want to have the wood sanded first to level out any variations. We offer WOCA Danish Penetrating and Hardening Oil and highly recommend it for our floors, especially our Carolina Character. WOCA is a VOC free product that looks great and is easy to repair and maintain a fresh looking floor.

*Click here for a Review of Hardwood finishing products that compares, Natural Oils, Polyurethanes and other synthetics.

In Asheville, installing reclaimed flooring is not a job but an art

Whether it be the grain pattern, color, or ring pattern, each piece of wood will be absolutely unique in character. As such, board placement is of paramount importance to achieve the most beautiful end result.

The  surface finish you choose can completely transform n already stunning floors into something spectacular.

An experienced installation specialist will know how to best match grain to finish, naturally enhancing inherent beauty.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for a Slight Cost Difference

You’ve invested in a premium product, don’t settle for anything less than premium installation.

Installing reclaimed wood products requires a specialist. An experienced professional who knows the importance of preparation, placement, and finish.

While hiring a company to install your reclaimed flooring may be more costly than installing it yourself, it will also ensure that you get the most value out of it.

If your project is in Asheville, NC or the surrounding Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina areas, we can recommend an expert installer and finisher that has worked with our products in the past.

If you are outside our local area, we may know of an expert in your area and can get you and your installer the proper info to ensure the job is done right.

From Start to Finish

At Whole Log Lumber our specialty is all things reclaimed wood, whether in Western NC & Upstate SC or anywhere else in the United States – even Hawaii! We support your installation and finishing process, and the professionals who complete what we’ve begun, as part of the service we offer to Customers who purchase with us.

If we can’t recommend someone in your locale, we can certainly walk them thru some things they may not know if they don’t know reclaimed wood or they’ve never used WOCA oil.

You can trust that we will put the same amount of attention and dedication into making sure your reclaimed product is installed and finished properly, as we did in reclaiming and crafting it.

From picking out your species to figuring out your finish, Whole Log Lumber is the go-to professional for all your reclaimed wood project.

Contact us for a consultation today!