When rugged patina faces from well-chosen boards are sheared away by our wood planers, old growth wood grains emerge, smooth and distinctive, with color and pattern on boards not found in newer wood. Restoration-quality Heart Pine is available in (4) quality grades, along with perennial Classic Antique White Oak and other Classic grain-driven hardwood floors. Standard floor boards are 3/4″ thick x 3” to 5″ wide. Custom single-width and wide planks widths by request and as available. Standard board lengths are 2’ to 8’0”, or longer by request.

Vertical grain heart pine or quarter-sawn, is a premium saw cut creating straight lines on the plank flooring face. Original growth rings appear vertically on the edge of the board. This top wood flooring is at least 98% vertical grain, has few knots and the hardest surface.
Also known as flat sawn, this grain is arching and has cathedral patterns also. The end of the board shows somewhat horizontal lines. With at least 98% heart content, this vintage wood flooring becomes richer and darker with each year. May have small tight knots, maybe a few small nail holes.
Handsome and economical, with rustic red and blonde coloration and perhaps some grey, has varied grains and grades. Some nail holes and possible large knots. Some boards will have high heart content with splits or cracks, knocking down its grade, but very useable. Order an additional 5 – 10%.
This lively floor looks similar to wormy chestnut in appearance and contains no less than 80% heart content. There will be knots present and nail holes will range in size from 1/16″ to 1/4″. It’s a unique wood floor and is subject to availability.
The standard by which other wood species are measured, particularly regarding hardness and durability, offered economically in a mix of various oak species.
Legendary and prized for its delicate grain pattern and subtle variations, the Queen of Oak.
Delightful contrasts in grain patterns emerge when 2-3 different species are matched. We offer limited edition individual floors when available of chestnut, hickory, elm, beech or sweet gum. Though we do not specialize in these species, we do acquire them and create mixes of distinctive recycled hardwood flooring also.
Recovered and restored floors from deconstructed industrial-era factories, the strength of these floors have stood the test of time and become truly beautiful with age. They generally contain oil or lanolin accumulated over years of use, creating dark maple effects that are exquisite. A high solid sealant is best applied after completed installation.