Reclaimed wood is wood that is recovered from its original application; the majority coming from old barns, buildings, homes and factories.

Using reclaimed wood is a preferred alternative to newer wood for a variety of reasons. It is environmentally friendly, stable, unique in character, and a profitable investment.

At Whole Log Lumber, we use wood that creates one-of-a-kind products from last-of-it’s-kind wood, adding to your home a unique and remarkable beauty.

Stability and Durability

One source of reclaimed wood might be an old log cabinReclaimed wood is stronger and more resistant to climate than new wood. Much of the wood we use for our reclaimed products comes from old growth trees from virgin growth forests. Wood that comes from newer generation trees is simply not as strong or durable as that which comes from old growth forests.

This can be attributed to the environment in which the trees grow, and the amount of time they are allowed to grow. Old-growth trees were allowed to mature naturally and slowly, making their fibers significantly more dense, and resulting in an overall stronger wood.

In addition, the older wood has endured decades of exposure to the heat and cold. As such, it has gone through many cycles of expansion and contraction, leaving the wood in a much more stable state. This means that the wood is less prone to warping, and a lot less likely to split. When exploring options for permanent interior fixtures such as flooring, beams, stairs, and siding, this is a very important consideration.

One-of-a-Kind Beauty

There is something almost magical about the history embedded in centuries old wood. Much of the wood we use for our reclaimed wood products was harvested prior to 1910. It is what we define as “antique.” Antique wood has an age, intricate grain and character that cannot be duplicated.

Unlike new age trees, the trees antique wood is cut from were allowed to grow much slower. Because of this, the rings in reclaimed wood are significantly narrower.

Whether it’s floors, beams, mantels or trim, we can insure your reclaimed wood product will be a one-of-a-kind addition to your home.

old barns can be another source of reclaimed woodSustainability and Supporting Local

It is no secret that the rapid depletion of natural resources on Earth is a pressing issue. When you use reclaimed wood products in your home, you are giving life to an irreplaceable resource that might have otherwise been destroyed.

Reusing these materials prevents the cutting down of precious living trees. The harvesting of new wood involves felling, transporting, and processing the trees. All of which have a massive negative impact on the environment. Each time you use reclaimed wood for your project, you are helping to reduce this impact.

When you choose Whole Log Lumber for your reclaimed wood project, you are not only choosing sustainability, you are also supporting your local community. We rely on the best local builders, designers and architects to ensure a both a superior product, and an exceptional customer experience from start to finish.

Investment Value

Hardwood flooring adds tremendous value to a home. This can be said even more so for reclaimed wood flooring, as it displays unmatched quality, versatility, and only becomes more valuable over time.

  • Versatility: Reclaimed wood in a home is a sign of quality, and matches just about any choice of decor. If you ever decide to sell your home, this will give valuable assurances to prospective buyers.
  • Appreciation: The sustainability and unique quality of reclaimed wood is making it an increasingly popular choice of material for people today. As demand continues to grow in the coming years, and supply dwindles, its value will naturally increase.

Why Not Use Reclaimed Wood?

While the upfront cost of reclaimed wood products may be higher than the cost of newer wood products, the quality and value make it a better choice of investment overall.

Whole Log Lumber is committed to providing custom, high quality reclaimed wood products, and a remarkable customer service experience to boot. If you have any hesitations, you can be assured that our team is composed of the most knowledgeable, and reliable, reclaimed wood experts you will find. In addition, we can help direct you you who to use for installation of your product, as we only work with the best of the best. If you are considering using reclaimed wood in your next home improvement project, give us a call today.