Reclaimed Fireplace Mantels – Custom Created to your Specifications

Available in a wide variety of species and surface styles.
Custom Finishing is available

Our Custom Reclaimed Fireplace Mantels are craftsman hand created from antique & reclaimed wood beams that have held up barns & buildings in their other lifetimes.

They’re available in a wide variety of reclaimed species and no two are alike.

Species may play a significant role in Craftsman custom  fireplace mantel styles,  because they tend to focus emphasis on the virgin wood grain patterns … the mystery inside the old wood.

For rustic wood mantels, species is generally not as important.  The focus for these live edge & hand hewn mantels is the character and distress marks on the outside

Perhaps you’ll get some ideas from mantles we’ve shared in pictures  here, and you’ll “know it when you see it.”

Or perhaps you remember a mantel you’d like and can describe it and we can create it for you.

However you arrive at the mantle of your dreams, know that an artisan’s hand will take pride in crafting you a little piece of history.

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