The look of Solid Timbers in lightweight Reclaimed Beam Alternatives

Is it a Box Beam that looks heavy but’s lightweight and easy to install ?  Or is it a Beam Wrap that covers up ugly  construction elements like plumbing or air ducts?

Box Beam is a look-alike solid wood beam that’s lighter, easier to install, can be hung and usually doesn’t need to be supported.

Beam Wrap is the same product but purposed to wrap-around steel columns or other exposed or unsightly structural elements.

These faux wood beams called by either description,  are each and all about problem solving and aesthetics.

Very long or very wide beam coverage span requirements may present unique challenges that box beams & wraps can resolve.

We’ve seamed together material lengths as long as 25 ft and doing longer is certainly possible.  When crafted expertly, they look just the same as solid wood beams.  And we make time to line up the edge grain seamlessly.

For most surface styles  our method is the same reliable engineered lamination process used to create our quality engineered wood floors.

Crafted with reclaimed wood from our mill in western north carolina,
we Craftsman create them with 3 surfaces:  smooth face Classic,
original surface Rustic or Rustic Hand Hewn.

In some cases, due to the irregular nature of Hand Hewn sawn faces, we may suggest another hand hewn variation.

Install faux beam wrap-arounds  over existing steel, wood or laminate construction or utility parts.

They’ll solve tricky situations with duct work, plumbing and whatever interior  challenge-to-cover you might face.

Are they strong? You bet they are!  But more importantly – they are stable.

Craftmanship & Reclaimed Wood do come with higher prices.

So expect Box Beam/Beam Wrap expense to be more than conventional reclaimed beam & timber costs.    But the savings in labor and installation may justify the expense.  And to improve ugly cover-ups, there’s certainly  the value-added benefit to be able to do it so tastefully.

What unique situation can you think of that could be improved by these architectural accent possibilities?