Antique Heart Pine Flooring Adds Warmth and Beauty to any Home

Heart pine flooring is unlike any other flooring material you’ve ever seen. The last of the old growth long leaf pine that heart pine comes from was harvested at the very beginning of the 20th Century. We salvage this precious material from old buildings and give it a beautiful new second life as artisan quality flooring.

Heart pine flooring is sometimes called the queen of reclaimed wood flooring because of its grandeur and beauty. Aesthetically, heart pine pleases with rich amber and honey colors; and unique characteristics such as tight grained growth rings and cathedral grain patterns.

FSC Certified Heart Pine Flooring for LEED and Energy Star Homes

Choosing recycled heart pine flooring for your new construction or remodeling project is not only an aesthetic decision; it is also an environmentally responsible one. Homeowners fall in love with the look of our heart pine flooring, but they also enjoy the feeling of choosing ethical FSC certified reclaimed wood for their wood flooring needs.

We are members of the US Green Building Council and the Building Materials Reuse Association and have been selling reclaimed flooring since 1984. Our experience gives us a unique industry advantage at supplying green builders, green architects and environmentally responsible homeowners with the eco-friendly flooring materials they need.

Reclaimed flooring will help your home accumulate credits towards LEED or Energy Star Certification. We offer eco-friendly finishes from WOCA of Denmark, a high quality vegetable-based oil floor finish that contains no VOC compounds. Build with our products and you will earn valuable points towards LEED or Energy Star certification

Durable Heart Pine Flooring

Though beautiful, heart pine flooring is also incredibly durable because it comes from the resinous heart wood. Centuries of growth make heart wood incredibly dense and sturdy. Though heart pine flooring is technically not made from a hardwood, heart pine’s structural integrity makes it about as hard as red oak. This hardness translates to durability and stability equal to hardwood.

Our heart pine flooring is milled only from salvaged antique heart pine. The heart pine material we select came from timbers that were long ago harvested from centuries old virgin forests, from trees up to five hundred years old. We recycle the buildings those trees became into beautiful flooring with a fascinating history. New growth timbers from the same species lack the historical appeal as well as the aesthetic and structural qualities of this fully mature heart pine flooring.

Whole Log Lumber is the Best Source for Heart Pine Flooring

We are Whole Log Lumber, reclaimed wood providers with a passion for heart pine flooring. We use our hard earned expertise to better serve the antique lumber needs of our buyers. Even our customers with the most discriminating tastes have been pleased by the elegance, beauty and dependability of our heart pine flooring.

We sell premium solid and engineered heart pine flooring as well as wall paneling, stairs, mantels, beams, timbers and other fine wood products. Other antique woods are available as well: antique oak, antique maple, hardwood mix. Our customers love the variety of finishes and grades we offer: Carolina Classic, Carolina Craftsman and Carolina Character. Contact us for further information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about heart pine flooring grades, grains, sizing, finishes and custom needs.