Celebrated and legendary, Heart Pine Flooring

Authentic Antique Heart pine flooring is different from other wood flooring you’ve seen. It represents the last of old growth long leaf heart pine from the virgin american forest. Most of it was completely harvested before the 1900’s began. Today we salvage this precious material from the skeletons of the old buildings it once supported, and bring it back to life again as quality artisan flooring.

Heart pine has been called the “Queen” of antique reclaimed flooring. Get up close and personal with it and you’ll see why. Aesthetically, the rich amber and honey colors are likely what you’ll notice first – and where it got it’s name. But the unique characteristics and variety of it’s tight grained growth rings and cathedral grain patterns are really the hallmark of it’s beauty. And since being “Queen” has it’s responsibilities,  it’s strength and durability have become legendary …

It’s strength is in it’s Heart

Authentic heart pine flooring is also incredibly strong because of resinous heart wood that grew slowly within the interior of the tree. Centuries of slow growth made heartwood dense and sturdy. Though heart pine flooring is technically not a hardwood, heart pine’s structural integrity makes it about as hard as red oak, the measure by which wood hardness is gauged.   It was the timber of choice for early sailing ships and factories, before the advent of steel,  because of it grew tall and long and deep and wide.  This translated into its durability and stability equal to hardwood.

Whole Log Lumber is the Best Source for Heart Pine Flooring

Whole Log Lumber has a passion for heart pine flooring. In fact, it’s the reason why this business began way back before reclaimed wood was cool.  Today we use our hard earned experience to serve the best needs of our customers. Even those with the most discriminating of tastes have been pleased by the elegance, beauty and dependability of our unique heart pine flooring Styles and Grades.  Our About Us page has a list of some swell testimonials.

We sell custom solid as well as engineered heart pine flooring plus heart pine wall paneling, stairs, mantels, beams, timbers and other fine wood products.

We create custom flooring in other antique woods as well: antique oak, antique maple, and mixed hardwoods. Our customers love the variety of finishes and grades we offer too: Carolina Classic, Carolina Craftsman and Carolina Character.

We welcome  questions you may have about heart pine flooring grades, grains, sizing and  finishes .