Classic Hardwood Reclaimed Floors in Mixed Species

A lively combination of color & grain patterns with a smooth surface texture

Reclaimed Hardwood Floors
Carolina Classic, smooth mixed

In the process of becoming beautiful flooring, these old growth reclaimed hardwoods get a face-lift and their rugged patina outer surfaces are sheered away become smooth.

Once wood planers or band-saw mills have done their job, and the time worn exterior surfaces have been removed, unique inner grain patterns emerge with distinct hallmarks & rich natural colors.

When 3-4 species of Reclaimed Hardwood floorboards are blended together, a lively contrast in grain patterns emerges.

These are one-of-a-kind floor combinations that include a mix of
Chestnut, Hickory, Elm, Beech and Maple, as well as our specialties – Heart Pine & Oak.
When available, single species hardwood floors listed above by special request.

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