Once the backbone in Old Barns & Buildings

Now the framework for Stylish Surroundings

Rustic Wood Ceiling Beams in (4) Surface Textures

Rustic Sawn

Hand Hewn

Original Surface

Smooth Surface

Rustic hand hewn ceiling beams & wood wall timbers in a variety of reclaimed wood species.
Tailored to your specifications, of course ~

Since rustic hand hewn ceiling beams have been recovered from old barns & buildings, and originally shaped with simple hand tools, sizes can be inconsistent & their surfaces sometimes irregular.

reclaimed wood beams_ hand hewn wood_wall panels

Hand-hewn beams are prized for their raw and rustic appeal.  Circle-sawn beams (we call them rustic sawn)  show original saw marks also, but the marks can be indistinct.  Rustic sawn ceiling beams improve on that.

Images Above and Below:
No two hand hewn beams are alike.  Each has it’s own one-of-a kind signature.

They were originally fashioned using little more than a broad ax and simple hand tools.

Selecting a wood species isn’t generally a crucial task when selecting rustic hand hewn ceiling beams.  Original surface and hand hewn beams can be of different species but still appear similar if matured under the same roof together.  Alternatively, when a smooth surface texture is desired and the grain revealed, wood species does becomes more important when choosing rustic ceiling beams.

wall & ceiling beams

Above, Note the ceiling beams & wall timbers and trim.  Antique heart pine shown here adapts naturally to elegant surroundings. Its smooth surface texture is planed and shows off it’s intricate grain patterns.

Reclaimed beams once supported the structures that they were part of.  Though still structurally sound, they’re no longer used for support.
     Instead, today they support good taste and refined sensibilities.

reclaimed beams

Above, a contemporary kitchen is embraced by beams that surround the center work station and the perimeter of a skylight.
Below, reclaimed beams frame the stage in the this sleek setting of white.
Lightweight alternatives to these solid beams are authentic wood reclaimed box beams.

reclaimed wood beams
antique heart pine beams

 Rustic ceiling beam dimensions can range from 4 x 4″  to 12 x 16″.

Lengths do vary, but beyond 20 linear ft. long they become more rare.

In the bedroom above, reclaimed beams have been set into the walls on 2 sides of the room to great effect.

In the outside wall below, hand hewn beams are set into the exterior walls ad did early homesteaders.

Before processing, we kiln dry all rustic beams at  high heat for  a short duration.
That kills bugs that may abide in the beam.
No worries.  Beetles have been living in wood for thousands of years,
and hopefully for thousands more.
But not in reclaimed beams we sell to you!

reclaimed wood beams

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