Reliable Reclaimed Custom Mill Work. It’s what Brings Old Wood Back to life

 Have your own reclaimed but unrepurposed wood stashes?

Our expertise can revive what might be otherwise be lost.
We’ll guarantee the highest yield possible and advise you of its best use.

We’re most familiar with the numerous processes that go into restoring and repurposing reclaimed wood and we know how to do it best and most responsibly.

Thinking about using old flooring with a tongue & groove?

Better to start with boards without tongue and grooves already.  With older tongue & grooved boards you can’t be assured of a tight fitting floor board that won’t creak.

Better to use old posts and beams and joists for your new reclaimed floor raw material,

Or turn it into a mantel or beams or whatever or trim & window casing or whatever the raw reclaimed material lends itself to.

If the quality of customer-salvaged wood doesn’t justify the use of the velvet hammer and careful deconstruction, we freely share our advice and experience in that regard.r

“At some point in time we all have seen a floor, siding, beams, counters… that made us say WOW! Wood is the difference maker in transforming a project from good to great, and fortunately for us, we met Jim Stowell at Whole Log Lumber. Whole Log Lumber’s niche in reclaimed wood, flexibility in consultation, procurement, millwork and customer service before AND after a project is unmatched! To set your project apart, my first call, without hesitation, would be to Whole Log Lumber.”

– Tim Schools, Greenville, SC