New beginnings with old wood start here

Whole Log Reclaimed has been supplying authentic reclaimed wood across the United States from our home in the Mountains of North Carolina since 1984. Our motivation? Crafting cherished spaces in the Carolinas and beyond — for discerning customers who appreciate the aesthetic and history of reclaimed wood.

Rustic reclaimed hand hewn beams in outdoor dining room.

I think that there are several keys to a business's success. Skill, professionalism, and communication. Our experience(s) with
Whole Log Reclaimed would rate the entire process at 5 stars.

Everyone there is very skilled, extremely professional, and they are consummate communicators. To top it off, everyone we have talked with at Whole Log is very friendly. We are completely satisfied with our projects!

James P., Asheville, NC

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We want you to call us, to tell us about your reclaimed wood projects and your vision - and then help you realize those dreams.

What colors inspire you? What finish speaks to you?

We offer free quotes and expert consultation.

It’s how we’ve done business for over 30 years.

Reclaimed wood paneling in kitchen bar with folks gathered around.

Our Commitment to The Environment

By choosing reclaimed wood, you're giving new life to old timber, reducing the need to cut down more trees.

Adding natural beauty to your space doesn’t have to come at the expense of the spaces we share.

Choose Reclaimed
Reclaimed wood in North Carolina at the Whole Log Reclaimed shop.