Choose from 2 Distinct Styles

Carolina Character

Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood floors offer unusual pattern contrast as well as a rich rustic look, great for the popular Modern Farmhouse Style, here shown in a contemporary living area.

Carolina Classic

Delightful contrasts in grain patterns emerge when 2-3 different species are matched. We offer limited edition individual floors when available of chestnut, hickory, elm, beech or sweet gum. Though we do not specialize in these species, we do acquire them and create mixes of distinctive recycled hardwood flooring also.
Reclaimed wood from American forests offer some of the most prized and diverse wood species found in the world today. And while Heart Pine and Oak are our focus, other handsome hardwoods like beech, chestnut, elm, hickory, and maple, pass through our mill with regularity also, and we offer them as Special Edition individual floors when requested and available.

Alternatively, we’ve found that combining 4 or 5  species creates a very special wood floor available in either of our signature reclaimed floor Styles. Differing grains and various color tones complement each other in delightful ways and create lively contrasts in either smooth-planed Carolina Classic* or skip-planed Carolina Character*.

Why Mixed Hardwood Floors?

  • The variety of multiple grain patterns
  • Contrasting color tones create great effects
  • Truly one-of-a-kind
  • Modestly priced