If Heart Pine is Queen, then Oak is the King of Reclaimed Wood Flooring.

Oak is the standard by which other wood species are measured, comparing hardness and durability.

Oak is a top choice when determining your best hardwood floor.

It’s prized more now than ever, and became popular in the late 19th century when it was the standard, and it’s remained so ever since.

Oak was durable and stood up to repeated soap and water washing before shellac and surface finishing and was originally polished with the use of sand.

Floors for today with variety from the past

Most oak flooring is sold as just that – oak flooring.
And with 10 varieties of Red Oak, that’s just about all you need to know.

But there’s 10 varieties of White Oak too, and for some customers, the subtle differences in grain pattern and delicate saddle brown and smoky grey color  is worth it’s higher cost, along with it’s narrower availability.

At WHOLE LOG LUMBER we give you a reclaimed oak floor choice: Mixed Oak, Red or White Oak .

When restoring or renovating , having a supplier familiar with oak in it’s variations may be more important than with any other antique wood.

Why Oak? Why from Whole Log?

  • Its Hardness:  Oak is the standard which all other wood is compared to.
  • It’s Historic: It was abundant in the virgin american forest when large logs were available for frame building as well as flooring   and ready for re-use for reclaimed oak floors today.
  • Variety: All oak doesn’t look the same. Viva la difference: Red Oak or White Oak or Economical Oak Mixed~
  • Its Color: Oak lends itself to a range of colors and includes trending saddles browns and smoky greys.
  • Our Experience:  We’re experts at species ID and understand what separates the White Oak from the Mixed, in product and price.

prized for its hard surface and subtle variations, the King of reclaimed flooring is Oak.