Carolina Classic Smooth Reclaimed Flooring

(3) popular reclaimed Species

Available Solid or Engineered

vertical grain heartpine floor in asheville nc

Carolina Classic Heart Pine floors are provided in (4) quality grades, from restoration-quality vertical grain & plain sawn to economical cabin or rustic nailey grade.  Standard random widths are 3/4″ thick x 3” to 6″ wide  or we can custom match widths for renovations and offer you wider plank widths by request.

Reclaimed Oak is the standard by which other wood is measured for hardness and durability. While Heart Pine was once the backbone for the building industry, oak was the standard preference for wood flooring and has remained so. Available in antique white oak or mixed oak species.

reclaimed hardwood floor

Reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods are truly one-of-a-kind floors. We blend together 3 or 4 wood grains to create a lively study of these last of their kind wood patterns.  Combinations  may include chestnut, hickory, elm, beech or maple, as well as one of the many faces of heart pine, red or white oak.

In the process of becoming flooring, this old growth wood gets a face-lift and its rugged patina surface becomes smooth.
The outer board skins are sheared away by wood planers or bandsaw mills. That’s when the inner grain patterns emerge
with  hallmarks and rich natural color.