Carolina Classic Mixed Hardwood Floors are a blend of reclaimed wood species

Select  reclaimed species include Maple, Chestnut, Hickory, Oak, Elm, Beech, Poplar, and Sycamore  

Reclaimed hardwoods from American forests offer some of the most prized and diverse wood species found in the world.

 And while Heart Pine and Oak are our specialties, other handsome hardwoods like beech, chestnut, elm, hickory, and maple, pass through our mill regularly.

We create a very special floor by blending 3 or 4 of these less available but unique reclaimed hardwood species.  The variety of grain patterns invites subtle interest, while a range of natural color tones adds contrast.

In some instances, when requested and available, reclaimed hardwood floors in these single species can be created for you in addition to the one-of-a-kind mixed hardwood reclaimed floors.

Informed customers are important to us, so wood species identification is also.  We place a high value on providing accurately described material to you.

Why Mixed Hardwood Floors?

  • The variety of multiple grain patterns
  • Contrasting color tones create great effects
  • Truly one-of-a-kind