Reclaimed Flooring – How you Define a Classic

reclaimed hickory floor

How Do You Define Classic?

Webster’s dictionary defines Classic as a work of “enduring excellence”.  That about sums up finely planed Carolina Classic Reclaimed Flooring.  It’s wood floor that has endured decades, perhaps centuries of use and continues to be beautiful, durable and strong today.  Carolina Classic flooring r stands out from the rest, and unlike most flooring found you see tod.

vertical grain heart pine flooring, reclaimed heart pine flooring

Vertical Grain Heart Pine Floor Boards Intersecting in this Dining Room.

Every piece of reclaimed wood is hand-selected for its beauty and richness to be given new life as a Carolina Classic reclaimed wood floor. Every piece of reclaimed wood we mill is hand-selected for its richness in history, character and beauty before it’s turned over to our experienced craftsmen who de-nail, saw and kiln dry every board. When rugged patina faces are sheared away, old growth wood grains emerge, smooth and distinctive, with color and pattern on boards not found in newer wood.

Classic Character Reclaimed Flooring

Our classic reclaimed flooring is sawn from the same material as our Carolina Classic flooring but comes from deeper within the beams and boards. This flooring is re-milled, uncovering the original patina and vibrancy that the wood had over a century ago. This makes for a slightly lighter floor in color and patina without taking away any of the rich character of reclaimed wood.

Antique Heart Pine & Antique White Oak Reclaimed Flooring Grades

Restoration-quality Heart Pine is available in (4) quality grades, along with perennial Carolina Classic Antique White Oak and other classic grain-driven hardwood floors. Standard floor boards are 3/4″ thick x 3” to 5″ wide. Custom single-width and wide planks widths are by request and as available. Standard board lengths are 2’ to 8’0”, or longer by request. As the quality of our wood demands custom attention, please inquire and place orders sufficiently in advance to assure that our standards are available for your timeline. Call us. 1-866-912-WOOD. View a sample of the Carolina Classic reclaimed flooring options available.