Reclaimed Fireplace Mantels inspire your surroundings with Function & Nature.

Reclaimed Fireplace Mantels have seasoned for decades so they’re less likely to shrink or warp from the effects of high heat exposure.

custom wood fireplace mantel

Carolina Craftsman Mantels have been accented with specific craftsmen details. They may have smooth surfaces from sanding or planing, or be carved, scored, routed or charred.

handhewn mantel with timber post supports

Carolina Rustic Mantels are characterized by their reclaimed wood nature and represent wood elements such as Hand Hewn, Live Edge, or Original Surface patina markings.

Come see our Carolina Craftsman& Carolina Classic Mantels. When you look back at the choices you make here, you’ll do it increasingly with pride.   And we’re here to help~

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Buying a fireplace mantel is an important purchase. We could compare it to buying furniture, but it’s likely going to be around a lot longer.

Careful considerations are involved.  Choosing reclaimed wood over other wood available might be one of the first and best choices you can make. Less stable wood may have a tendency to dry and twist even after years of initial use.

We create wood mantels from reclaimed beams and timbers that were likely harvested over a hundred years ago and were centuries old at that time.  Since then they’ve slowly seasoned over many years and often dried in place without kiln drying.  The reclaimed wood we choose for mantels have been carefully culled from our  wood assets and additionally kiln dried at high heat to kill any bugs that might have found refuge there.  The final products represent special pieces that are ideally suited to become  prized accents in your home or business.

Reclaimed wood mantels complement any home style and are a great anchor or focal point in a room.   We’ll work closely with you to get specific sizes and all details just right. And we can surface finish them with oil for you~

Choosing the Right Reclaimed Wood Mantel for Your Home

Adding a mantel to your fireplace enhances the décor in your living space. Adding a mantel made of reclaimed wood adds a decorative touch that’s so much more! Reclaimed wood is always distinctive and full of character. It can be rather rustic, with unfinished surfaces or live edges, or elegant with smooth, finished surfaces. It may be charred to add a gnarled or toughened touch or adorned with decorative hardware for an antiqued appearance. Whichever type of reclaimed wood you choose, it will be your own piece of history and likely the topic of many conversations.

With a number of choices to consider when adding a reclaimed wood mantel, it’s important to put some careful thought into the piece you buy and install. To help you, we’ve put together some of the information that you need to know about these beautiful pieces of the past.

What to Consider when Buying a Reclaimed Wood Mantel

When you decide to add a mantel made of reclaimed wood to your fireplace, there are a lot of factors to consider. Let’s look at some of those factors. To get started, it’s important to do some browsing to find what types of mantels catch your eye. Check out the photos of our finished reclaimed wood mantels and our Pinterest page for ideas. Then, put together a list of pictures and details about them that you like, so that when you narrow your selections down, the attributes you love the most will be readily available to show your designer or Artisan.

Once you have an idea of what you want most in your mantel, consider the following to ensure that you get just the right piece for your home:

How Big is the Living Space Where Your Mantel Will Be?

The size of your reclaimed wood mantel should be relative to the size of the room it’s going into, unless of course, you want it to really make a big statement in a smaller room. Consider whether you want the mantel to be the focal point of the room, or a piece that ties it all together. That should help you decide whether you want a smaller mantel, or one that is bigger and chunkier that dominates the space – stylishly.

What is the Overall Style of the Living Space?

There are many different options when it comes to the appearance of reclaimed wood. Is the style of the room it’s going in more rustic in appearance, or more contemporary? For a rustic look, consider live edges, or hand-hewn wood. If your living space is more modern, consider sanded and finished smooth edges.

What is the Room Where Your Mantel Will Be Used For?

Which room your mantel goes in and what it’s used for are definitely factors to consider. If you are putting your mantel in a room that gets lots of traffic, like a den or TV room, you can go bigger with your mantel. It will be a conversation piece and a great place to place family photos or your children’s artwork. If the room doesn’t get much traffic, like a bedroom, you might consider a smaller and smoothly finished mantel.

Does the Mantel Need to Match the Existing Colors of the Living Space?

You can choose the finish as well the size of the reclaimed wood mantel you select. If you have a specific color scheme in the room where your mantel will go, this can be a significant decision. Do you want a natural patina, the natural color of the wood, or a wood stain? These are all options for your mantel.

As you consider the finish you want, think about the colors of the wall your fireplace is on, the flooring, upholstery, lighting, and any accessories like throw blankets and pillows. This is the perfect opportunity to either match your mantel to the room colors or make it a focal point by using contrasting finishes.

What is Your Mantel’s Function?

How you plan to use your mantel also plays a part in what type and size you should consider. If it is going to be functional, perhaps holding a television or framed pieces of art, then you may need a stronger type of wood than a mantel that is purely decorative or holding only light items.

Enhance Your Living Space with a Reclaimed Wood Mantel

As you are deciding what you want your mantel to look like and how it will function, it’s not a good idea to jump at the first one you see. Consider the above factors carefully as you make your choice, but don’t feel overwhelmed! One of our experienced professionals can help you narrow down your choices to find the perfect reclaimed wood mantel for your living space.

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