whole log lumber healthy floors featured in WOCA wood oil brochure

Our healthy reclaimed flooring in NC gets attention

With healthy home flooring getting more attention –  Beautiful photos of our reclaimed flooring in Flat Rock NC  have been featured in an international profile brochure by WOCA Denmark—a leading maker of  natural wood finishes. Our project is one of only two U.S. installations featured—the other being the 42,000 sq.ft. headquarters of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle!
It’s quite an honor to have our flooring recognized alongside notable projects from all over the world—such as installations at St. Pancras Railway Station, London; Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich; Christie’s, London; Tappa Boden headquarters, Austria; and many more.

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Floor Surfaces are Important to Us

wood floor color finish for reclaimed wood floorsTo create healthy floors, we’ve used Wood Care of America finishes for many years, and have been a distributor of WOCA products for five years. We recommend these natural oil finishes to customers who want to maintain the quality of their wood floors—whether reclaimed or not—in a healthy, natural way. There are many good wood finishes out there, and we can advise about using them. But unlike finishes which create only a topcoat that wears away over time (and likely contain toxic chemicals), WOCA finishes feature the penetrating and hardening properties of VOC-free vegetable oils, which strengthen and protect wood from the inside-out.

Reclaimed Wood Floors with Healthy Floor Finishes are worth it! 

Penetrating WOCA oil finishes protect wood and produce a satiny surface (rather than high gloss). WOCA oiled floors are easy to clean and maintain, and will never need to be sanded and finished again (unlike finishes that create a “film” over wood, which will require refinishing over time). If the wood grain becomes scratched, by heavy traffic or by pets, it’s simply rubbed away with an oil touchup. (That’s why railway stations featured in the publication, and even airports in Europe, have chosen WOCA to preserve and maintain the investment they’ve made in healthy, long-wearing, beautiful wood floors.)

Great Floors are Healthy floors

No out-gassing here! WOCA wood finishes are good for wood and safe for you—unlike finishes or floor materials with synthetic components potentially hazardous to your health. And know this: whether you smell an offensive off-gassing odor or not, you’re still inhaling the vapors from synthetic flooring products. We favor finishes, prep, and maintenance products to support the entire floor care process in good health. Including wood oil application and touchups that can easily be cleaned up with soap and water. And user-friendly flooring pre-treatments that can take the original natural wood color to brown or ebony, or lighten it to shades of gray—without caustic bleaching or gas fuming.

Great Floors Get Noticed!

Authentic reclaimed wood flooring—from our Whole Log Lumber mill on the Green River—are an investment that will reward you many times over. Our hardwoods are reclaimed (We never cut trees or harvest forests. Never.), and our  WOCA oil finishes create healthy flooring  for you and your home also. Our flooring is unique, custom milled, and extremely beautiful. In so many ways, your floors will get noticed! Each floor we create is 100% custom, and great  for a range of practical flooring applications. Our artisans work hard to make the best use and highest yield from all recovered and reclaimed wood material. If you’re searching for the most beautiful, unique, sustainable wood flooring for your home or a discerning client, we’re happy to send wood samples in the wood species and colors that inspire you. To get the conversation started, call us at

1 – 866-912-WOOD.