Smooth planed on 4-sides, these dimensional soldiers have a more refined look and reveal the beauty of the once hidden wood grain.


Timbers that provide a rustic look and bear the teeth marks of the saw blade as the wood was first milled. The natural outside patina can be wire-brushed and burnished or lightly sanded before oil is applied to bring out the unique character markings, co-created with time.


Hand-hewn beams. Prized for the raw, and truly rustic appeal. No two are alike, each having its own one-of-a-kind signature, created using little more than a broad ax and simple hand tools.

Beam Box-Wraps

The look of a solid beam in a faux beam wrap-around can be installed over existing steel, wood or laminate support members, and solves tricky situations with ductwork, plumbing or other difficult areas. Lightweight, 3-sided and available in Classic, Character or Handhewn Styles.