Classic Oak

The standard by which other wood species are measured, particularly regarding hardness and durability, offered economically in a mix of various oak species.

Prized more now than ever, antique oak flooring became popular in the late 19th century. While Heart Pine was being used as the backbone for industry, oak was the standard preference for wood flooring and has remained so. It was durable and stood up to repeated soap and water washing before the advent of shellac and surface finishing and it was polished with the use of sand.

Choose from 2 Distinct Styles and 2 Species Categories

Before modern woodworking machinery and the power sander, getting smooth surfaced, antique oak flooring similar to Whole Log Lumber’s Carolina Classic * , smooth surface oak floors were available only after heavy coats of shellac were applied. With 10 varieties of red oak and 10 varieties of white, we identify for the discriminating customer, the subtle differences in price and product between the two. For renovations, when matching quarter-sawn white oak, you will certainly not want flat-cut red-oak or have it confused with a look-alike chestnut. Recognizing saw cuts and having a supplier familiar with species variations, may be more important when renovating antique oak flooring, than with any other antique wood. If less refined and more rustic wood floors appeal to your sensibilities, Carolina Character* Mixed Oak wood floors may make the best pricing as well as product choice easier. The tractable differences in Character Mixed Oak or White Oak generally do not warrant the differences in cost. Natural patina oak that has been allowed to gracefully age, in this case is more important that it’s identification.

Why Oak?

  • The hardness of Oak is the standard which all other wood is compared to.
  • It was abundant and large logs were available for frame building in addition to flooring. Those framing logs and timbers are raw material of our reclaimed oak floors today.
  • Oak has variety and doesn’t all look the same. It’s nice to notice the differences; Red Oak or White Oak or Economical Oak Mixed?
  • Our experience with Species Identification separates the White Oak from the Mixed, in product and price.
  • Oak color lends itself to a range of colors including the Saddles Browns and Castle Greys which are in high estimation. Roan brown colors are best achieved with Heart Pine and chestnut browns with lye pre-treatments.

Use Oak as a canvas from which to launch a patterned creation or create a comfortable framework from which to align your life. Antique oak flooring is a top choice when determining your best hardwood flooring.