Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

What’s the LEED rating system?

A total of 9 LEED rating system points, or “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,”  are available, depending on the products you buy, the quantities purchased, and our distance from your project.

What Purchase Points are considered?

We are happy to support your application for the following LEED rating system credits.

MR Credit 3: Materials Reuse
MR Credit 4: Recycled Content
MR Credit 5: Regional Materials
IEQ Credit 4.1: Low Emitting Materials-Adhesives
IEQ Credit 4.2: Low Emitting Materials-Coatings
IEQ Credit 4.3: Low Emitting Materials-Flooring

“If you want to really know about good wood, this is the place. WHOLE LOG is my go-to source for unique timbers, mantels, paneling, flooring and accent pieces. After every purchase I’ve made, I know more than I did before about species and what to look for when I’m buying reclaimed wood. I get to in turn, share this with my clients, which means a lot to them. I always enjoy working with their team, and appreciate the craftsmanship of their products and process, which has an old world feel to it, but with new world technology.” – Zeno Hawkings, Highland Homes, Greenville, NC