Deconstruction Services

Before old wood can be restored and reused, it must be identified and recovered. Expense must be weighed between the difficulty and cost to dismantle against the value and demand for the reclaimed material. A number of laborious steps and processes must take place before any antique wood floor is installed or a reclaimed wood fireplace mantel is hung.

Each project is different and each situation unique. Our involvement in deconstruction projects can be as extensive or as limited as is mutually beneficial for all. If you are interested in selling your reclaimed wood to us, or offering structures ready for deconstruction, we generally require sample photos and wood samples for meaningful discussions to begin.

“We loved our experience with Whole Log Lumber. You guys were trustworthy and lived up to everything you said you would after our first builder tried to sell us oil drenched reclaimed wood for almost twice the price. We are happy to comment here because we want honest businesses like yours to be successful, and that’s what you guys are–honest.” – Matt O’Connor, Ocean Ridge, FL