Shopping reclaimed wood flooring prices?

Carolina Classic Vertical Grain Heart Pine Flooring

Carolina Classic Vertical Grain Heart Pine Flooring

The price of reclaimed wood flooring might scare some people off at first.   But  in-the-know folks will tell you that old growth white oak and heart pine vertical grain flooring make just about the best looking wood floor available on the planet.

These two floors species are top-of-the-line sellers for sure, but there are lots of other grades and styles within each of these wood groups that may speak to your preferences also, and maybe at Bargain Prices!  A great intro to our products is at Reclaimed Wood at One-of-a-Kind Prices.

So what affects reclaimed wood flooring prices, anyway?

As with everything, there are relative comparisons. If you compare reclaimed prices head-to-head with new wood floors, you’ll be looking at apples vs. oranges.  If compared to FSC certified wood flooring, you’ll be practicing environmental stewardship and encouraging sustainability, but the price will likely be comparable though the beauty will fall short.

The effort to reclaim wood floors will demand a slightly higher price, but at Whole Log Lumber we  include  hand-selected quality at no extra cost.

Once reclaimed, recycled and installed as a newly created product, these floors will maintain a distinctive elegance for many years to come.

What about Special pricing?

By its nature, antique lumber for flooring is unpredictable when it comes to finished quantities and board widths, because of the high waste factors involved. This can be great for a bargain shopper looking for that custom one-of-a-kind wood floor.

When we have product runs that don’t line up with our featured styles, widths or length requirements for a custom order, it may often turn up on our Specials page.   Check current listings on our SPECIALS .  Our goal is to update it monthly.

Get on our mailing list, especially if you’re a repeat buyer and have responsibility to oversee or recommend floor purchases as seldom as 6 times a year.  Check back regularly, for custom bunks of wood, that we add and subtract from our inventory to offer bargain pricing to you!  Random width oak flooring and reclaimed pine wood flooring are our specialties.

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