Our reclaimed flooring company looks forward to 2014

Our Reclaimed Flooring Company looks back on 2013

Jim Stowell & Dave Williams

Jim and Dave by day.

David Williams, formerly of Thomas Riley Artisans Guild in Naples, Florida, joined our reclaimed flooring company staff this past Summer, right about the time I broke my ankle.

Dave brings a variety of experience from different corners of the construction industry to our sales department, and we’re delighted that he’s here. In late fall, we said goodbye to long-time wood craftsman, Miguel Osornio, who returned home to Mexico in October.

Our new website launched August 6th, and a new company brochure was updated about that time as well. Work continued on the Woodworkers Studio through 2013, where we work on special projects in the lower lodge at Green River Retreats, while plans for a new manufacturing facility continue in a secondary gestational phase.

Work moves forward on blanking out deconstructed wood for three family homes from “The Green House” – a fine old summer home that we deconstructed with velvet hammers.  Deconstruction is one of our reclaimed flooring company talents and serves us well when we choose it.   The home we’re talking about here once graced Mills River near the Asheville Airport. Deconstruction at that location has made way for the new Sierra Nevada Brewery, now revving up at Ferncliff Business Park, the new steward of that enviable location.

Jim Stowell & Dave Williams

Dave and Jim by night.

Other works-in-progress include:

Floors on Lake Hartwell, South Carolina, and on the Nantahala River in Western North Carolina;
Five old wood doors that are almost out our door and headed to Wyoming;
Two custom engineered floors about ready for San Diego and Lake Tahoe;
Reclaimed beams, some as long as 26’, bound for Spartanburg today. They are just about ready to meet their crane, which will set them in place by next week.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the flood that occurred August 6th, as well, within moments of the website’s launch. Interesting timing, all and all, and it was a New Moon at that. Being close to the headwaters of the Green River has both blessings and challenges. With that particular challenge behind and opportunity ahead, Whole Log Lumber looks forward to the New Year 2014, with enthusiasm and resolve and rededication to our highest choices always in focus. And when you love what you do – and the wood that you do it with – that my dear, does make all the difference.