Finding The Best Hardwood Floors

Carolina Classic Cabin Grade Wood Flooring by Whole Log Lumber

Carolina Classic Cabin Grade Wood Floor

Finding The Best Hardwood Floors

While the best hardwood floors are beautiful, sustainable and have non-toxic finishes, finding them can be tricky business.

They aren’t the cheapest-
They aren’t the ones  already in a box, ready to get shipped or picked up by you right away – And they certainly don’t have easy to find surface finishes that poison you if swallowed, or burn your skin or smell unfriendly.

The best hardwood floors speak to you but not with words.  Their subtle tones echo over many generations of growth and attention to detail during their environmentally friendly lifetime and ultimately recycled and reclaimed instead of being recently harvested.

The Best Hardwood Floors start with The Best wood

New wood floors that are FSC certified are indeed good choices if price is a strong consideration. There are gads of lumber liquidators and wholesale manufactured flooring products all over the market, but rustic reclaimed wood floors are unquestionably the best Cost-to-Value wood floor choice. Quality outweighs cost in the final analysis.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) “certified” wood indicates that trees have been intentionally planted and  ultimately harvested to become wood flooring. But grain patterns of these hardwood choices are often anemic and their natural coloration weak.  Alternatively, reclaimed wood flooring,  is richly endowed with unique grain variation and a natural depth of coloration.  Their impression is at once both distinctive and vibrant as well as mysteriously understated and mutable.

WHOLE LOG LUMBER  sells only reclaimed wood flooring.  For engineered flooring applications,  FSC certified platforms support Reclaimed Carolina-Engineered*.

Finding The Best Hardwood Floor Styles

So you know you want wood floors but how to choose?  By species, by style, by color?

WHOLE LOG LUMBER, simplifies the process by defining  Carolina Classic, Character and Craftsman Floor Styles, and providing them in the most popular reclaimed species.

Carolina Classic Flat Sawn Wood Flooring by Whole Log Lumber

Carolina Classic Flat Sawn Wood Floor


Finding Your Floor Style Preference

Smooth surfaces and classic grain pattern your preference?

Then *Carolina Classic* is your Style.

Natural patina and un-even surface texture with character marks what attracts you?

*Carolina Character* will fit that bill.

Surface sawn textures AND rich grain pattern too, ring your buzzer?

*Carolina Craftsman* is the wood floor style for you.

Who Sells the Best Hardwood Floor?

Choosing  reclaimed hardwood for flooring  celebrates the best of nature’s beauty and acknowledges the benefits of old growth developed over a long period of time, quality not found in wood of newer vintage.

Choosing a WHOLE LOG LUMBER Reclaimed Hardwood floor assures you of owning authentic hardwood floors with identified standards of quality, in a range of reliable old growth species and doing business in a time-honored way.

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