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Comparing Antique Reclaimed White Oak Flooring and French Oak

Not long ago there was a design flurry attached to  Antique French Oak Floors that was remarkable here in NC.  Indeed, French Oak floors have a unique ability to create a variety of favorable associations,  but in point of fact they are quite similar to the delicate grained and chestnut grey coloration of Antique Reclaimed White Oak flooring from right here in the USA.   And while grain patterns of each vary only slightly, it’s interesting to note that both species are also associated with the making of wine barrels – in French Oak casks in France of course and the White Oak casks here in the States.  And that was before both become so popular for flooring …

From a restoration point of view we’ve noted that having a healthy familiarity with species variations and saw cuts is more important in matching reclaimed antique oak flooring to another floor already in place, than with any other antique wood.  And while White Oak sets a high bar in this country when it comes to superior grades, authentic antique white oak can also be mistaken with varieties of chestnut.

For More information about the hardness and benefits of Antique Reclaimed White Oak Floors, and other Mixed Oak Species we provide our    Antique Reclaimed Oak   product page as a good source for Styles and Species.

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