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Antique Lumber: Price-to-Value Considerations

Antique lumber prices are truly not for everyone, and they are not adaptable to one-size-fits-all commerce.

The law of supply and demand is a major factor in the price of antique lumber –  with supply going down daily, while demand, and recognition of intrinsic value, is going up.

Another factor in price is the amount of time a reclaiming company spends readying antique lumber for new uses, such as flooring, paneling, doors or trim. Newer wood floor planks are typically dimensionally cut very soon after the wood is cut down, which contributes to lower prices of newer wood. Also, newer wood doesn’t require additional work to remove nails or rot.

Needless to say, value and beauty have relative costs. Whle additional resources are required to produce one-of-a-kind products from last-of-its-kind materials, the value and quality of antique lumber is  still exceptional, and most definitely outweighs cost.

What Lies Beneath the Surface of Antique Lumber?

It’s always a mystery.

In the course of processing, our artisans begin by cutting the ends to make a preliminary judgment of grade, which ranges from low to high. They look for tight, dense rings and solid wood, however, when working with antique lumber, ends don’t always tell the story of the whole log or beam. As they cut the wood into slabs or planks, our craftsmen eliminate any parts that are “dotty” with rot or damaged by bugs.

Waste factors of 50% are common. Through skill, experience and knowledge our craftsmen bring out the most beautiful patterns and class of grains from antique lumber.

Antique Lumber:  Wood Reclaimed with Patience and Persistence

The grain and character of antique lumber sets it apart from all other woods. Time is the factor that makes all the difference.

The time…
– it has been since the original tree was cut, whether 50 or 150 years ago.
– it has been since the tree started growing, which could be as early as 1492.
– it takes to deconstruct, dismantle, de-nail and refurbish antique lumber.
– it takes to determine grades and appropriate value once pre-processed.

The Mother of Exquisite Woods: Antique Lumber

In choosing wood flooring, exotic and domestic, there’s numerous options and price ranges, but few will deliver the ranges of character and color as does that of antique lumber.

The virgin forest, where ancestral heart pine, oak and American hardwoods grew, was a once-and-only and is now mostly gone. That virgin forest grew slow and strong–with grain, beauty and character depending through all that time. We still see remnant of these ravished virgin forests in antique lumber today.

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