antique heart pine flooring

Antique Heart Pine Flooring Inspires Creative Home Design

Great architects and builders design and build homes using knowledge of construction with a trained artistic eye. They are fueled by logical standards of safety and function, as well as visual aesthetics and creativity.

But sometimes the wood has a vocabulary all it’s own

Antique heart pine flooring  is an exciting source for inspiration that can make any space unique and creative.

Historic restorations like Mount Vernon, where George Washington installed antique heart pine flooring 250 years ago, provide no more of an opportunity to use than in a modern high end restaurant today.  And because of the versatility and durability of antique heart pine flooring, it’s a good choice in heavy traffic areas.

Styles You’ll  Want and our Experience too!

You’ll find our excitement for antique heart pine flooring eye opening.  We’ll share our knowledge, experience, and resources to help you build the unforgettable.

Whatever your agenda – to create an image statement for a commercial location or your own private place to resonate with the raw material of an unforgotten time,  we encourage you to

Explore our signature  Styles –

                                   Carolina Classic,

                                            Carolina Character, and

                                                             Carolina Craftsman

that we developed in response to our customers preferences while leaving enough room for your personal touch.

Step out of  predictable wood flooring concepts and quality and into the space we’ll create along with for you with custom antique heart pine flooring and make your home  as unique and special as you are!

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