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 Antique Flooring, and why you want it NOW

Antique flooring is graciously appealing and environmentally respecting, and comes from trees harvested  long ago, therefore no new trees are cut – and that’s a good thing! But antique flooring as we have known it is not sustainable and quietly becoming less available and slowly getting more properly named as “reclaimed.”

Recycled and re-manufactured now from beams and timbers out of old barns, buildings and factories set for deconstruction, antique flooring satisfies the highest standards and desires you may have for beauty and quality.
Installing it will also qualify you for eco stewardship and  LEED Certification points, if that’s in your future.

But authentic antique flooring production cannot long be sustained for it’s diminishing raw material is a natural resource that cannot be harvested again.

 Antique Flooring being Re-Marketed to become Reclaimed Flooring

Looking ahead, antique &  reclaimed wood flooring suppliers have noted product funnels and material availability and made subtle switches in product descriptions of antique flooring and antique lumber and beams, to the more generalized terms -reclaimed flooring and  reclaimed lumber and beams .

And why is that? Raw material availability.

What’s was called Antique Flooring or Antique Lumber in the past,  was from trees harvested no later than 1915 called Virgin Growth.  Original virgin growth trees had grown very large and for centuries very slowly, and the integrity those original timbers still maintain, continues to radiates through their cellulose structure and in the ambiance their presence creates in a room.

Once virgin growth in the original forest canopy was gone, large 2nd and 3rd growth trees had space then to grow and flourish, as part of the cycle of change – totally predictable.

Those 2nd and 3rd growth trees, sturdy but overall younger and smaller, were cut in the 1930’s and later,  and built many mid-century barns and buildings and additions to the original factories, that are part of recycled deconstruction today – and that’s a good thing too.   But it isn’t antique wood –  it’s reclaimed.

Today this 2nd and 3rd generation growth is fueling  recycled deconstruction and providing the new raw material for wood flooring that’s is more aptly being termed Reclaimed flooring.  It’s still beautiful wood and there’s still Antique Flooring that is referred to as reclaimed.

A wise buyer understands the subtle difference.

Get An Experienced Supplier of Antique and Reclaimed Flooring

When you know what you want and the quality you’re looking for, the subtle distinctions are clear.

Whole Log Lumber offers antique flooring in primary species of Heart Pine, Oak, and Mixed Hardwoods.
We do not publish our inventories of Cypress, Redwood, Chestnut, but they and other popular reclaimed wood species are often availabile or by special order.

To simplify the selection process, selected species of both antique flooring and reclaimed, are available in three distinctive Styles:

Carolina Classic
Carolina Character
Carolina Craftsman

We invite you to contain us with questions or more information about our wood products for your wood projects.

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