Before installation and up to thirty days after your flooring or reclaimed wood product arrives, we will give you a refund or exchange on all or part of your order if for any reason you are not completely satisfied. This guarantee does not extend to Specials and “as-is” material, which may not conform to our established Style and Grade descriptions, or which has not been defected into fully useable square footage.


Our highest choice is to represent our products accurately and maintain standards that our customers can depend on.

Unless otherwise specified, customers can expect all square footage to be in useable lengths and fully defected.

For guidelines and helpful information that support all aspects of a pleasant buying experience, please refer to our Offer to Sell, Agreement to Purchase

  • Chaffe McIlheny
    Henderson County, NC

    “Since 2006, we’ve worked with WHOLE LOG LUMBER on a number of projects to create the home of our dreams in the mountains. They have advised what is practical in reclaimed wood and what is not, and we’ve even purchased new wood and brought it to their mill knowing the accuracy could be depended on. Their skills as a saw mill shine. Their selection is great, and when it came to providing door jambs, they were even more knowledgeable than my carpenters. We’ve got just about every one of their products in our home and I can say it’s been a fun process along the way. What an asset WHOLE LOG is! What a team–what a selection! What skills!”

  • Dave Matthews
    Musician, Rock Star, Homeowner
    Charlottesville, VA

    “I LOVE this wood in my house!”

  • Zeno Hawkings
    Highland Homes
    Greenville, NC

    “If you want to really know about good wood, this is the place. Whole Log Lumber is my go-to source for unique timbers, mantels, paneling, flooring and accent pieces. After every purchase we’ve made, I know more than I did before about species and what to look for when I’m buying reclaimed wood. I get to, in turn, share this with my clients, which means a lot to them. I always enjoy working with their team, and appreciate the craftsmanship of their products and process, which has an old world feel to it, but with new world technology.”

  • Matt O’Connor
    Ocean Ridge, FL

    “We loved our experience with Whole Log. You guys were trustworthy and lived up to everything you said you would after our first builder tried to sell us oil drenched reclaimed wood for almost twice the price. We’re happy to comment here because we want honest businesses like yours to be successful, and that’s what you guys are–honest.”

  • Mark Messier
    Hockey Player and Homeowner
    Daufuskie Island, SC

    “Jim and his guys provided heart pine, redwood and cypress for me, and he has done floors for several members of my family. My house is really unique and the wood from Whole Log is a major part of it. Sometimes the specs got tricky, but they always came through.”

  • Garth Bandell
    Original Star of “Jesus Christ, Superstar” and Homeowner
    Landrum, SC and Key West, FL

    “Thanks, Jim, for the beautiful wood!”

  • Tim Schools
    Greenville, SC

    “At some point in time we all have seen a floor, siding, beams, counters… that made us say WOW! Wood is the difference maker in transforming a project from good to great and, fortunately for us, we met Jim Stowell at Whole Log Lumber. Whole Log Lumber’s niche in reclaimed wood, flexibility in consultation, procurement, and millwork; and customer service before AND after a project is unmatched! To set your project apart, my first call, without hesitation, would be to WHOLE LOG LUMBER.”

  • H.F. Gallivan III
    Travelers Rest, SC

    “How very refreshing it is to deal with people whom you can trust to deliver what is promised and when it is promised! The warmth and beauty of the old wood from Jim and Loy graces our home from top to bottom. Whether heart pine, cypress, or redwood–all the old-growth antique wood from Whole Log we’ve received is enjoying a new life with us, which we shall treasure for the rest of our lives.”